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Streamer’s five-year hardcore Minecraft run is ended by a baby zombie

Minecraft Philza five year world record hardcore mode baby zombie

World-record runs have to end at some point, but some conclusions are more unexpected than others. Polygon reports that streamer Philza, who has been maintaining the longest hardcore Minecraft run in history, met his untimely demise at the hands of a … zombie baby. Fans have shared various strategies and theories on how Philza could have survived his ordeal, but the run is officially over.

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The clip starts with Philza taking out a couple of zombies while he’s out of reach before jumping down into the cavern. Immediately, he’s attacked by a baby zombie. Impressively, he stays pretty calm throughout the ordeal, which makes sense considering he’s managed to stay alive in Minecraft’s hardcore more for this long. He turns away from the fight with intentions to heal but a spider attacks him. The spider gets the kill in the game over screen, but the zombie baby did the heavy lifting in taking down the world record holder.

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For those unfamiliar, hardcore mode is a variant of Minecraft’s survival mode where the difficulty is locked on hard and the player is given only one life. There are also no cheats of bonus chests in the mode, as explained on the Minecraft Gamepedia page. There’s a multiplayer option, but Philza maintained his lengthy run all alone.

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