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About COVID-19

Find out all about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in our about COVID-19 section. Find information on:

what to do if you are unwell

Help and advice

See our help and advice section for a range of COVID-19 support options, including:

  • COVID-19 information lines
  • 地方专项债也可视为积极财政的有机组成
  • housing and community support
  • food relief
  • financial support
  • mental health support

Latest updates

Visit our latest updates section for the latest COVID-19 statistics, health news and updates.

Restrictions in South Australia

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Please visit the 成都9月推出约3.1万套商品住房上市销售 for the current restrictions and more information.

See our 原材料涨价对涂料行业的影响真有那么大? for health advice related to restrictions in South Australia such as:

Testing: how and where to get tested for COVID-19

Visit the Testing for COVID-19 page for information on:

  • Who can get tested
  • How and where to get tested
  • What to do after your test
  • 住建部:前7月棚改新开工407万套 占年度目标70%

Visit the 中国LED封装行业洗牌持续 产业集中度逐步提升 to find your closest dedicated COVID-19 clinic across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Travel information


Please visit the 新疆建材工业结构日趋优化 for the current emergency management directions and restriction information.

See our 家居建材行业 启动“双11”大促 for:

  • 欧司朗:照明事业近期开放投标,新战略能获支持
  • interstate travel restrictions
  • 惊爆:家居业“无铅水龙头”事件内幕 其实只是一种营销手段
  • tips for COVID Safe travel.

Translated information

For a range of COVID-19 posters, fact sheets, guidelines and other publications and resources in Aboriginal and international language translations visit the translated resources page.

Also see our pages for: