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Healthcare One is an Urgent Care and Family Practice clinic in Central Oklahoma that provides comprehensive care to our communities and the patients we serve.

Meanwhile, celebrated American rapper Eminem proved to be the comeback king as he picked up the Best Hip Hop gong. The Lose Yourself hitmaker was up against the newer faces of hip hop, including Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone.
During the 40 days of Chunyun period, the inter-city transportation faces great challenges. The demand for tickets far exceeds the supply. Various measures are adopted to alleviate the problem by opening many temporary trains (numbers starting with letter L), extending the working hours of booking office and opening up more booths.

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She pointed to equal pay, saying it's not "just a woman's issue" but something that affects everyone. "If you have a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter who is working and they are not being treated fairly, the whole family suffers," Clinton said.
3所在这份榜单上叱咤多年的重量级学府——哈佛商学院(HBS)、伦敦商学院(LBS)和麻省理工斯隆管理学院(MIT Sloan School of Management)的排名下滑。哈佛商学院的排名下降两个位次,今年排在第四,这是这所位于波士顿的学府9年来首次跌出前三甲。伦敦商学院下滑3个位次,排在第六,为14年来最低。麻省理工斯隆管理学院的排名下滑至第13位,为10年来首次跌出前10。


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Yan Pu, head of portfolio review in Asia at Vanguard, suspects the Asian product mix may be holding things back. For example, Asian providers offer plenty of equity ETFs but very few fixed income products. In the US, she notes, fixed income ETFs are growing rapidly.
康涅狄格州斯托宁顿(STONINGTON, CONN.)
Do your customers trust you? Do they know what you do with their data and are they happy with it? This will be a major issue not just for the N.S.A., Microsoft and Google. Nor will Google Glass be the only product to provoke debate. Trust reduces the cost of doing business and those who don't build relationships of trust with their partners, suppliers and customers will feel the pinch.
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Urgent Care

The TV drama is not based on a novel but the story of a real businesswoman Zhou Ying. Born in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Zhou was the richest female entrepreneur in Shaanxi province at that time.
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Not all the judges agreed with the book’s proposed solutions but nobody questioned the force of its argument.
It is not unusual for the documented wealth of China’s richest people to surge suddenly — or even for previously unknown tycoons to burst into prominence — as stock exchange listings and other public investments thrust them into the spotlight.

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6、Social media addiction
节目4 小品《我要上春晚》,周炜 刘大成 石头 张尧等
小贝现身纽约时装周 为凯特选嫁衣?
She pointed to equal pay, saying it's not "just a woman's issue" but something that affects everyone. "If you have a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter who is working and they are not being treated fairly, the whole family suffers," Clinton said.

Occupational Medicine

A segment of Peking Opera from “Take Over The Weihu Mountain” (Yu Kuizhi and a student from Confucius Institute)
Alice Schwarzer, who has battled for women’s rights for years, is stunned that “an old-school sexist” like Donald J. Trump could win the United States presidency.
SAN ANTONIO DEL TACHIRA Venezuela (AP) — More than 100000 Venezuelans some of whom drove through the night in caravans crossed into Colombia over the weekend to hunt for food and medicine that are in short supply at home.

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One Team

Our team of Nurse Practitioners want you to be comfortable, treating you as a person first, rather than a patient. Whether you are in the prime of your life or enjoying your golden years, they have the experience and knowledge to keep you healthy.


Healthcare One Clinic Locations & Hours

El Reno Healthcare One

El Reno

1900 S. Country Club Rd.
El Reno, OK 73036

Monday - Saturday: 9AM - 8PM
Sunday: 1PM - 5PM

Tuttle Healthcare One


5100 OK-37
Tuttle, OK 73089

Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 8 PM
Sunday 1 PM - 5 PM

Okarche Healthcare One


315 W Kansas Ave
Okarche, OK 73762

Monday and Wednesday: 9AM - 8PM
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Yukon Healthcare One


508 W Vandament Ave
Yukon, OK 73099

Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

“The worker threw a brick through the window with the words ‘I quit’ written on it.”



You can contact Healthcare One to schedule an appointment or just come into one of our clinics. Our skilled healthcare providers will give you the best medical care around and may even save you a trip to the hospital.