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American Lion by Jon Meacham

It was the summer of 1832, and President Andrew Jackson was fleeing the notorious Foggy Bottom humidity for his home in Nashville, Tenn. Somehow he misplaced an important cache of papers along Washington's Post Road; they either dropped from his saddlebag, were stolen by the livery hand or were left behind in a tavern. Writing to his private secretary, Jackson lamented that the missing papers were "of a private and political nature of great use to me and the historian that may come after me."

History will probably never recover those fumbled documents. But as three new books attest, Jackson left behind plenty of other material about a president determined to bring change to Washington. Many anxieties of his era are once again in the air: a hunger for economic reform, a banking crisis, mushrooming unemployment, friction between a belligerent White House and a suspicious Congress. So it's worth remembering that Jackson shaped the modern Democratic Party by taking on powerful bankers and widening participation in politics. But he also caused or at least contributed to a depression after he left office.

In American Lion, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham gives us the most readable single-volume biography ever written of our seventh president, drawing on a trove of previously unpublished correspondence to vividly illuminate the self-made warrior who "embodied the nation's birth and youth."

We must make dedicated efforts to deliver services to the people, resolve the difficulties they face, promote social equity and justice, and demonstrate that development does better people’s lives.
Over the past 20 years, at least 133,000 units in the city have gone market rate because of this rule, according to the Rent Guidelines Board. If the trend continues, rent stabilization could be further weakened, undermining Mayor de Blasio’s efforts to preserve affordable housing, say supporters of the policy.
与此同时,达洛伊西奥开始环游世界,到处参加会议,并结识其他潜在的投资人。他给每一位结识的人都留下极深的印象。温布尔顿国王学院中学(King’s College School)的校长安德鲁?霍尔斯(Andrew Halls)评价道,他成熟得可怕,他在各种状况下仍保持着清晰的思维,这令我这个54岁的人都觉得惊讶。
4.Noses That Smell Diseases

While in the hands of a lesser writer this economics-laden history might glaze a reader's eyes, Meacham skillfully brings to life such long-forgotten characters as Nicholas Biddle (president of the A、B级锁越来越不安全 C级防盗锁标准出台了) and William B. Lewis (second auditor of the Treasury).

American Lion explains why Jackson saw the federal bank as a threat: He was "an enemy of Eastern financial elites and a relentless opponent of the Bank of the United States, which he believed to be a bastion of corruption." But he was not opposed to national authority in general. On the contrary, he "promised to die, if necessary, to preserve the power and prestige of the federal government."

In Robert V. Remini's Andrew Jackson (one in a series of slender books on "great generals," edited by Gen. Wesley K. Clark) the official historian for the House of Representatives expertly limns Jackson's qualities as a military leader. We learn how he drove the Spanish out of Florida and the Creek Indians into the ground. The Seminoles quaked at the mention of his name.

We will improve mechanisms that give incentives and allow for and address mistakes so as to support those who are dedicated to their work and stand behind those who live up to their responsibilities. Every one of us in government must take an active approach to our work and have the courage to tackle the toughest problems, we must work closely with the people, using concrete action to make progress in development, and using genuine hard work to realize a bright future.
5. Sunset

The UK’s Warwick Business School recorded the best progression at the top, moving up from 16th to ninth place, while the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (Saif), based at JiaoTong University, enjoys the bestprogression overall, jumping from 28th to 14th place.
位于第三位的是收入5.95千万的Fleetwood Mac,尽管这支乐队有三位男士,它也以拥有两位备受瞩目的女星为荣,她们是史蒂薇.妮克丝和最近回归的克莉丝汀麦克,是她们造就了本次上榜。乐队的巡回演唱会On With The Show在打分期间共有86场演唱会,在每个城市平均挣得超过1百万。
年度最佳单曲:米兰达·兰伯特《Over You》

n. 诱惑力,吸引力
Ahh, the glamorous life of AT&T: best friends with Steve Jobs, exclusive rights to the iPhone (for now) and carrier of choice on the iPad. So why, with everything going for it, did the stock miss a huge rally? In the year ending April 1, Apple soared 109% and the S&P 500 rose 41%. AT&T? Down 2%. The problem is growth, or lack thereof: little in its saturated wireless business and a decline in landlines, which still accounts for 25% of sales. Unless its high-speed Internet business takes off or the iPad drives new wireless growth, the beatings by Wall Street will continue.
n. 营养
I don't know about you, but if I had a separate calendar for work, school and life, I'd be a complete mess. When everything in your life is on one calendar, in one planner, you can't double-book anything. You know, like an important test and a dinner with your boss.
That possibility was backed up by a list of top-tier cities the statistics bureau began tracking recently
And, at random, some other highlights from the list:

We get up-from-the-hollow tales of Jackson's boyhood along the North and South Carolina border before the Revolutionary War. "I was born for a storm," Jackson once boasted, "and a calm does not suit me." Along with his brothers, he longed to be part of General Washington's fife-and-drum action. Orphaned at 14, he enlisted in the Continental army as a courier, was captured by the Red Coats and was lashed with a sword for refusing to clean a British officer's boots. From such stories, a portrait emerges of a fearless warrior ever ready to duel or brawl to protect his honor, the only U.S. president to absorb a bullet in a frontier gunfight.

Yet, in his later pages, based on his original research, Meacham tries to separate Jackson from his rough-and-tumble reputation and to present him in a more multi-dimensional way. While there are plenty of anecdotes in American Lion about racehorses, gambling, whiskey and women, it's Jackson's sensitive side that surprises the reader. Always, it seems, he was looking for affection (think: Bill Clinton). "He was gloomy when people left him," Meacham writes, "and he could be the most demanding of men, insisting that others bend their lives to his. His was an interesting kind of neediness, often intertwined with sincere professions of love and regard."

Not that Jackson was a kumbaya kinda guy. His will for power would have made Nietzsche flinch. While Emerson wrote of self-reliance and Whitman sung of self, Jackson dredged rivers and built roads. His spirit was as new as the country itself. He was a master of the veto. And the pocket veto. As David S. Reynolds, professor of history at 中国建材行业一周大事记(2.15-2.19), maintains in Waking Giant, Jackson did more than all his predecessors combined to strengthen the power of the presidency.

Unlike Andrew Jackson and American Lion, which are chronological biographies, Waking Giant is an intellectual history and group portrait of America turning from a republic to a popular democracy during the Age of Jackson.

While Reynolds also grapples with Manifest Destiny, the Monroe Doctrine, abolitionism and European immigration with consummate skill, it's his depiction of an exploding popular culture that makes Waking Giant an unmitigated delight. The reader meets Transcendentalists promoting anarchic individualism, Mormons finding God's tablets and Mesmerists time-traveling. And it was Old Hickory who produced the now-familiar notion that charisma and log-cabin imagery are vital factors in a U.S. presidential election.

Clearly, as president from 1829 to 1837, Jackson changed American political culture by opening up our democracy. He insisted that the people were sovereign, their will absolute. He wanted all federal officials, even judges, subjected to direct election. "He was the people's president to a degree that few other presidents have been," Reynolds writes. "He not only provided a fresh spirit and language for average workers, he also made them feel more truly American than those they increasingly regarded as the idle rich."

2. Organize
随着中国收紧法规,中国的黄金公司日益期盼进行海外收购。去年,山东黄金矿业股份有限公司(Shandong Gold Mining)同意以9.6亿美元购买巴里克黄金公司(Barrick Gold)持有的阿根廷贝拉德罗(Valedero)金矿50%的股权。
A BuzzFeed News analysis has identified the 50 fake news stories that attracted the most engagement on Facebook this year. Together they totaled 21.5 million likes, comments, and shares. Of these stories, 23 were about US politics, two were about women using their vaginas as murder weapons, and one was about a clown doll that actually was a person the whole time.
The paper quoted a number of students from the incoming class, who had a range of responses, including two who said it was the right approach to withdraw the offers. "I do not know how those offensive images could be defended," one student said.
A New York City restaurant is taking a stab at creating the most decadent pizza on the market with a pie topped in gold flakes, foie gras and even truffles.

8."Homeland" (2.4 million)
“It’s na瘀攀 not to recognize we’re at a pretty serious moment,” said Anthony Crichton-Stuart, director of the London dealer Agnew’s. “There has been a massive taste shift. But when a good old master does come up at auction and it is priced correctly, you do get some excitement.”
Over 11 million new urban jobs, and a registered urban unemployment rate within 4.5 percent.
Best chances: Sally Hawkins is only a fraction behind current best actress favorite Frances McDormand.
2008年,詹纳作为顾问与印度达拉维一家呼叫中心的员工进行了交流。达拉维是南亚最大的贫民窟。那名工人说有数以百万计的无业村民具备有与他一样的能力。詹纳说:“我想:‘有没有可能利用外包为数十亿人每个人带来几美元,而不是为少数富人带去数十亿美元?’” 于是,她成立了撒马源公司(Samasource),用这个高科技平台帮助贫困的女性和年轻人获得谷歌(Google)、商务社交媒体公司LinkedIn和微软(Microsoft)等公司的数字项目。到目前为止,这个非盈利机构已经帮助16,000人脱离了贫困。近期,它还在美国成立了一个国内项目SamaUSA,主要面向居住在旧金山的低收入学生。

On Saturday night they sang Stars from Les Miserables, the song performed the character Javert in the long-running musical.
The total number of qualified applicants reached 31,220 in the first 24 hours, up from 25,000 over the same period last year, according to figures from, an education organization that offers training for the civil servant exam.
World Health Organisation declared that the cluster of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders were a public health emergency of international concern, it was a rallying cry for the international community to respond.
《危险!》(Jeopardy!):这个游戏节目今年已播出50年(1964年3月30日首播),它证明自己不仅能难住观众,而且能令他们感到意外。不仅是因为主持人亚历克斯·特里贝克(Alex Trebek)留起了胡子(之前13年他都是把胡子剃得干干净净),而且是因为仍有些选手表明自己能刺激观众。今年刺激观众的是亚瑟·朱(Arthur Chu),他采用闪电战式的答题方式,在网上引起一片哗然。他的策略令人兴奋,当然也很奏效:他在锦标赛中夺得第二名(友善的本·因格拉姆[Ben Ingram]最后得了第一)。
Amy Poehler made out with Bono, Tina Fey mocked George Clooney's taste in women and Matt Damon emerged, bizarrely, as the night's recurring gag.
Care about them, but don't let on mkay?

Brain death is a bit of an inconvenience if you're a fan of living, and if you're looking to replace yours with a spare, you're out of luck. Sure, maybe we'll one day be able to plant brains into skulls, but the brain's not just another organ. It contains all your thoughts and memories. They can plop a new brain in your head, but you'll still be gone, so the idea of making artificial brains may seem absurd.
The education sector has remained largely unchanged by online service delivery — but could be transformed dramatically in 2018.
The Kings also still owe a future first (unprotected in 2019 at worst) to Philly for the honor of being able to sign Rajon Rondo, Kosta Koufos, and Marco Belinelli. Talk about a team with no damn plan.

《警察故事》(Babylon),Sundance,周四播出。詹姆斯·内斯比特(Jame Nesbitt)最近在《失踪》(The Missing)中出演了一个孩子失踪多年、备受折磨的父亲,他在这部剧中饰演的是完全不同的角色:一个斤斤计较的老派警官,雇用一个美国公关专家(布里特·马灵[Brit Marling]饰),来改善苏格兰场的形象。这部讽刺剧集由《贫民窟的百万富翁》(Slumdog Millionaire)的导演丹尼·博伊尔(Danny Boyle)执导,有点像阿尔曼多·伊安努奇(Armando Iannucci)的政治喜剧片《灵通人士》(In the Loop)。